1. Is the Intense Pulse Light (IPL Laser Hair Removal) permanent?

Laser hair removal is only effective during initial growth phases and only certain hairs will be affected by a treatment at any certain time, and to be 100% effective you need to catch every single hair in its initial growth stage which is very difficult.

2. What can pulse light treat?

Unwanted hair in all skin and hair colours (NOT grey/white hair) on all body parts,  ingrown hair and skin darkening, pimples, Rosacea, facial blood vessels including port wine stains, freckles, sun damage, wrinkles, skin rejuvenation and tightening, scars and acne.

3. How does laser work on the hair?

There are 3 main phases in a hair life cycle:

Anagen, during this phase the hair grows rapidly and contains an abundance of melanin, which absorbs light. The laser will only treat anagen hair. any hairs on the day of treatment that are treated in this phase are permanently disabled.

Catagen phase lasts for a period of 2-10 weeks depending on the area. This is the end of the growth phase and is marked by changes in the hair follicle. The hair stops growing and the hair follicle separates from the base, forming club hair.

Telogen phase (shedding phase). In this phase, all activity stops. Telogen club hair remains in a resting state for 3-5 months before being released. The old hair is pushed out by the new hair and thus the cycle begins. In simple terms, the hair that are in the root stage (anagen) on the day of treatment will be treated successfully and permanently disabled.

4. When I come in for my treatment, approximately how much reduction will I see?

This depends on what percentage of hair growth is in the anagen phase. normally about 70-80%.

5. When can the hair be completely permanent?

The result will vary from individual to individual due to your hair type, skin type, health and age. Thus some clients will require more sessions and some will require fewer.

6. What are the factors that will affect hair removal?

Hormones, hereditary and racial background, stress can produce more male hormones, pregnancy, menopause, medication illness and increased blood supply. We cannot predict how many treatments you will require, however, on average 6-12 sessions are required; some maintenance treatments will also be required depending on which areas are treated.

7. Is it safe?

IPL has been used for several years without long-term adverse effects.

8. Does it hurt?

No, you will feel a slight warmth and tingling.

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